With the summer temperatures steadily rising and Ramadan nearing a close with the Eid holiday, it’s the perfect time to bring out those stylish kaftans and Jalabiya (Moroccan style).


Kaftans, as they are known in the Middle East, are loose fitting robes or tunics typically with a narrow cut that opens to the floor or has a dramatic neckline. They can be made with any type of fabric, but are usually found in silk, wool or cotton. Due to its loose fitting nature, kaftans are perfect for warmer climates because it helps to keep the body ventilated and protected from the sun. They are perfect for running errands in the heat or for stylish parties and events like suhoors or Eid celebrations.

Kaftan designs vary from printed florals and patterns to solid colors. The sleeves can be enlarged with intricate designs as well. Printed Kaftans go great with a solid colored dress and fancy sandals. Solid colored kaftans can be paired with a patterned dress and fun accessories like a wide belt.

Kaftans are no longer just a Middle Eastern and North African trend. The design and style has inspired many famous designers across the world and is a favorite among numerous celebrities in the United States as well as Europe.

Check out a few of the designs Rebekah’s Bespoke Tailoring has created lately:


Summer is here and there is no escaping the extreme temperatures! However, the best option to deal with it is an effortless dress. Any dress that is made from lightweight fabrics with flowy shapes won’t constrict your body in the summer heat.

Maxi dresses are perfect for this summer as they protect you from the sun while maintaining a stylish allure. Off the shoulder, dresses are trendy and will look good no matter the occasion.

Midi dresses refer to any style of dress that hits at your mid-calf. There are many styles to choose from from flowy floral patterns to strappy v-necks. Pick designs that work well with your body type and head out to any event whether its cocktail attire or a beach day.

Wrap dresses have been very popular lately because of the shapely fit and dramatic v-necks. You can design a style with a faux wrap (where the dress is knitted together at the front) or a true wrap dress that wraps around you like a robe. With certain styles, you can even wear the dress backwards to have a plunging v in the back and a boat neck in the front. This reversal is perfect for a woman with a V shape.


Shirt dresses are another great option this summer because of the loose fit. They typically have a collar and button fastening but lack a seam at the waist. This creates more airflow for those hot humid days.

One of the best fabrics to beat the heat is cotton because the natural fibers enable air to circulate around your body. Rayon is a good fabric for dry heat. However, linen is a champion in hot weather because the lightly woven fabric allows for maximum air circulation.

No matter the occasion, stop by Rebekah’s Bespoke Tailoring for all of your summer dress needs.